Ortomio, over ten years’ experience

Ortomio products come from the over-ten-year experience of Ralò S.r.l. The company, founded in the 1970s, started producing vegetables preserve and olives. After positive reaction of the customers, Ralò decides to enlarge the range with other products such as Artichokes, Tomatoes and Mushrooms.

The immediate consent of consumers pushes the company to extend and renew the plant up to the current production plant with an area of 6,500 s.m. and 50 employees.
Thanks to new technologies and innovations, Ralò Srl satisfies every customer requirement: both in terms of product quality and service.

Now the company has a range of more than 1000 recipes which are always updated in order to offer new products and keep up with new trends and taste of consumers.

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Every step of the supply chain is controlled: selection of raw material, production cycle, storage and distribution, freshness and quality of the products, in order to offer first quality recipes and to grant the authentic flavor of the home-made preserves. With the forefront of technology and the quality innovation. These are the ingredients to grant a natural and tasty product, made following the rules, monitoring the critical points (HACCP) and the certifications BRC and IFS. We always produce with fresh raw material, so we avoid to storage product for long period that could compromise the organoleptic features.


The environment, our first ingredient The sun is fundamental for life on the earth. For this reason Ralò has recently placed solar panels on the roof of the building. This will produce almost half of the energy necessary for the daily basic necessities (40% to be exact). The system is semi-integrated, and it is composed by 308 silicon panels mono-crystalline, each of 180 Wp, able to produce 70.000 Kwh/year.

Research and development

We commit every day to researching best quality for our products. Since the 1990s we have introduced pasteurization to increase product safety and for the first time the packaging in tray. Ralo 'is very sensitive to the needs of the consumer and his expectations, and has always tried to catch every signal, to satisfy customers with innovative products, high quality and service. In order to give the best service, we invite consumers to contact us for opinions suggestions.

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